Our Method

How we work

Some 80% of people aged 35-40 that are looking to get pregnant have forms of pain or bodily dysfunctions.

Many of these folks live with secondary health problems and are often on some form of pharmaceutical treatment or face a certain degree of exposure to toxic elements, stress or nutritional deficiencies, all of which can reduce the chance of fertility, in both men and women.


Our method consists of diagnosing, treating, and reverting these health problems, both those that are apparent and some that may be more elusive. This is done with a view to optimise hormonal function and create ideal circumstances to reach peak sexual and reproductive performance within a time span of 12 weeks*

The Fert-up programme increases chances of pregnancy. It is important to complete a full study before starting, regardless of whether the goal is a traditional method or assisted reproduction.

Achieving pregnancy is not the only goal, the focus is to live through the entire process in optimum health conditions, minimise possibilities of risks or complications, and give birth to a healthy child.

Fert-up is a demanding program to take back control of your health during a twelve-week period.

First Visit

We designed this unique diagnostic process to detect seemingly hidden problems that may have not yet manifested due to latency of symptoms. Included is a study of lifestyle habits, metabolic system, digestive system, hormonal equilibrium, all while considering the emotional state and wellbeing of the patient.

* Timespan of the program may vary depending on the patient

What does this include?
  • Complete clinical history revision.
  • Individualised Analytical Diagnostic: hormonal, immunological, rheumatological, metabolic condition, digestive, risk assessment, allergies, intolerances, toxic contamination, nutritional deficiencies, and detection of autoimmune conditions.
  • Scans and functional testing.
  • Revision and specialist recommendation (gynaecologist & urologist) 
  • Study of intestinal microbiome.
  • Study of nutritional profile.
  • Evaluations on physical, emotional, and sexual well being.
  • Physical & Postural evaluation.
  • Study of life style habits.

An expected gap of 14-21 days between first & second visit.

Second Visit

On the second visit the patient receives a diagnosis and an insight into their personalised plan after the doctors analyse all of the data from the first visit. This is often a process that reveals many hidden truths for the patient.

Please note that if this process is done on site the interval between first and second appointments can be as short as five days.

What does this include?
  • Medical consultation and a detailed revision of the results from the diagnostic studies.
  • Conclusions and designs of a personalised Fert-Up plan to be implemented in the coming 3 months.
  • Taylor made approach in functional and nutritional supplements.
  • Additional analytical tests if deemed necessary.
  • Personalised nutritional plan to be executed under supervision of our nutritionists and dieticians. Weight control and optimisation of absorption of nutrients.
  • Coaching for psychological, emotional, and sexual wellbeing.
  • Personalised physical & postural plans with physiotherapists and osteopathy specialists.
  • Personalised exercise plan.
  • Techniques to combat stress.
  • Workshop on digestive & sexual health.

Third Visit

This visit is focused on control of treatment prescribed and an evaluation of results achieved.
The time frame between second and third visit is 3 months with biweekly long-distance check-ups.

What does this include?
  • Check up and diagnostical evaluation via blood test (image studies optional).
  • Medical consultations and evaluation of previously identified parameters after completing the programme.
  • Nutritional evaluation.
  • Psycho-emotional evaluation.
  • Physical & postural evaluation.
  • Diploma for learning and internalising one’s own hormonal, sexual and global health condition.

Plan of trimestral check-ups and potential recommendation of pertinent medical specialists..

Training & Workshops

Will be available both in person and online through out throughout your treatment.

If you have doubts or questions

you can ask for an in-person appointment via this link