The Programme

We offer a modular and personalised version of the Fert-UP program based on the characteristics of each individual patient or couple.

You can embark on this program in person, long distance, or a combination of both approaches in the cities of Madrid and Mallorca.

Get in touch with us to find out what is the most suited approach for you.



The budget for the program is personalised depending on the goals, starting point, and initial condition of each individual patient.

The guide for starting price is 3.000€ and average duration is 12 weeks.

What other costs should I keep in mind?

Not included is the travel or accommodation costs for your appointments.

Not included are any additional diagnostic, laboratory, or scan studies.

Not included are any additional medications or supplements that you may be prescribed during the program.

We will provide all the necessary documentation for you to be reimbursed via your insurance provider, if you require us to do so. 

We have extended partnerships with, and can advise on cost saving strategies for travel, accommodation, and external lab studies.


100% Long distance approach
Submission through Patients Area
Consultations and revision
via video calls 

(+34) 690 82 75 57


Partially on site, partially long distance
Combination of in person
and video call consultations
Biweekly check-ups 

(+34) 690 82 75 57

Pablo Aranda 7, 3P
28006 Madrid. España
See map


Onsite approach
for entirety of treatment
Help for coordination and logistics
throughout your stay 

(+34) 690 82 75 57

Anselm Turmeda 12
07010 Palma de Mallorca
España. España
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Benefits of on-site Programme

Total immersion in the objective

With a total stay of five days to work through each modality of the personalisation of the program the patient can focus on achieving the right path to results with minimum distractions.

Daily Contact

During those five days our team will be on standby to address any queries or doubts, even outside of scheduled appointments, and in broader context beyond the Fert-Up programme.

Meeting the broader team

You will have a chance to meet all the professionals on our team working towards creating and completing goals for your wellbeing. We create a safe environment for our patients and focus on their emotional and physical wellbeing during the stay.

Logistics & Support

Our team will be able to help with preparing and organising all logistical aspects before and during your stay.

We will stand by you, and our compromise to help you retake control of your health and to advice you before, during and after your stay.

If you have doubts or questions

you can ask for an in-person appointment via this link

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